Ivory. Not White.

So I have decided not to let anyone, and I mean anyone, see my dress before the wedding. I am probably building the excitement bigger than the moment, but ok. I found my dress very easily. I went into Nolte's Dress Shop here in Kansas City and fantastically enough all their dresses were 50% off. That is like the sound of harps when entering heaven to me. I looked through all the beautiful gowns, then asked the saleswoman if she had any short dresses...."Just one." Perfect. It was waiting for me. Ivory. My size. Cocktail length. That's all the information that you will get. Sorry maids, hope you understand.

Here is a little diddy I found. Pure vintage. $4. Ivory. My size. Perfect.


Happy St. Pats!

This is one of my favorite days of the year. Its all about Kansas City and friends. (Wish my Wichita friends could experience it one of these days!)

Here is another "collection" I have started working on...Milk Glass. I love the bright white and all the different designs milk glass holds...I am sure many of my pieces aren't true milk glass as they cost me 98 cents! Real Milk Glass, so I am told and I see at antique stores, is very expensive because as the years go by, of course it is in lower supply as it is duh, glass.

I am probably using these vases in the wedding as my centerpieces. I didnt want all the centerpieces the same. And I also wanted them simple. I think my choice fits perfect...now I just have to decide what will live in them. The flowers in them now are just tryouts. Suggestions?

Luck of the Irish to you. Every day of the year.


Ok. Not vintage, but rediculously sweet.

I found these cute pink flats in a thrift store. I dont normally look at the apparel, but when walking by, they caught my eye. They are richly pink, brand new, and my size. It's like winning the lottery (ok, a small-not-gonna-make-me-rich lottery) when I find something cool like this. They look as beautiful as a treat from Cupcake a la Mode . So nice to look at, you dont want to indulge.

By the way, you will probably be savoring a french toast or a raspberry lemonade cup cake on my big day. Ummm...so good.