Engagement in Brookside.

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Found this at Brookside Garage Sale.  All cities have their Brookside.  In Wichita, my home town, it is College Hill or Riverside.   Everyone in Kansas City seems to love the architecture and feeling of Brookside.   Classic, timeless, relaxed and beautiful.   So this heater cover came from one of those old homes.  I own a piece of Brookside in my heart.  It's on those streets that Shannon asked me to be his Mrs..  So now I have a piece of Brookside in my home.  Maybe someday, I will own a bigger piece.  One I can sleep in.


Bangin' Bling.

Katie gave me this to add to my amazing collection.  Katie talks to me about all the varieties of roses all the time.  She found me a "New Vintage Glory."  What a beauty!

Just a minute of Pretty. Enjoy.

Borrowed these from the neighbor.  It's just like a cup of sugar...no one pays that back right?


T 2 T.

Thrift to Treasure.   You know me.  I find lots of furniture at thrift stores.  I am quite proud of some of my finds.  I wanted to share some recent ones with you.  The chair with the pillow is an amazing find.  Modern, great condition, cheap.  How much you say?  $25.  Yessssss.

The wooden chair I recovered with a fabric I enjoy. 

I dislike matchy matchy furniture.    I like homes to look like they have lived a little.  I don't like them to look like they were ordered from a catalog.    Maybe someday when I hit the lotto, I may just change my opinion on that. 

Looking now for a fun chair for a photo session.  I'll keep you posted.

I have a bad memory.

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I thought of a cool way to help you remember all the amazing days in your life.  I bought a big ol' jar at Hobby Lobby as well as some river rocks.  Make sure to get rocks big enough to write on.  Grab a sharpie and that's it!  The memories I have recorded to date are our snowy engagement day, Shannon's first marathon, Valentine's Dinner 2010 at Osteria el Centro, and Shannon's second marathon.  It's a cool, easy way to remember.  I have also started tossing wine corks in the jar too. 

Cheap.  Easy.  Unforgettable.