Tie the Knot.

Shannon doesn't know how to tie a tie.  He has until October to figure it out!



Typography: The act or art of expressing by means of types or symbols.  

I love the use of words in any form.  Very simply they express the feeling that you are trying to achieve.  Cheating I know, by giving the viewer the answer, but very effective.
Here are some uses I have found lately. 

Opus: an artistic or creative expression, especially that of a music composition. 

Do you find my opus in the photo?


A bit o' green.

As a nod to my Lucky-To-Be, I am put a dash of green in the wedding.  I teased my maids by telling them they were going to be wearing green dresses.  I wouldn't want that torture imposed on me, so instead I gave them the gift of grey dresses.  I think they are all going to look amazing. 

This little collection of frames are from one of my favorites, TJ Maxx.  As a single, a cute frame is just that, cute.  But as a plural, oh how the collection sings.  Kinda like Shannon and I.  Better together.