So my newest pursuit is to clean the city out of {scout} vintage brooches and earrings. I came across an amazing idea for a BROOCH BOUQUET. When I first discovered the idea and the amazing photographs of these creations....I thought, this is so me, and so easy to accomplish. Wow was I wrong.

I started at an antique shop. That's where I almost stopped too. {scout} Vintage brooches and jewelry is crazy expensive-anywhere from $10 t0 $30. The original idea stated you need 50-70 pieces to make a substantial bouquet. You can do the math. So I went to my old standby...thrift and resale stores.

So, I have started my collection. I would love for your help and support with my undertaking! I would LOVE for you to be in the search for any beautiful, old or new, brooches or sets of earrings. Really it just has to have a back on it so that I may attach a wire and make it a "flower."

Don't spend to much-seriously! It's almost like a game to me to see how cheap I can find them! Look in your jewelry box (I found some!), thrift stores, garage sales, or dollar stores. I would love to make you a part of this heirloom that I am creating.

I wanted to share these earrings...You might be able to tell from the price tag that I paid 5ish dollars for these beauties. I might put them in the bouquet. Or they might be on my ears on the big day. I loove them. With 2 o's.

Thanks for helping me with something special. I look forward to seeing what you find. The first thanks goes to Teressa. She found me a beauty.

PS. the first one is a pin my mom gave me, that she had. That is Justine, Richard and me (the baby)....my sister and brother.

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