Just did it.

We got married.  Now back to sweet reality.  More time for the things I missed...like being crafty, getting creative, and searching for the new "I have to show you what I found" find.   

My favorite picture from the Big Day is on this old couch.  We were driving in our limo after the ceremony looking for inspired photos.  This couch was at a parking lot garage sale in the Crossroads area.  The lucky guy that let us borrow his new couch for 10 minutes paid $30 for his new sofa.  He was lucky.  We were Lucky.


Vintage Friends.

"Some days are meant to be counted, others are meant to be weighed."

...from Eat, Pray, Love. 

This day was one of my heaviest. 


Tie the Knot.

Shannon doesn't know how to tie a tie.  He has until October to figure it out!



Typography: The act or art of expressing by means of types or symbols.  

I love the use of words in any form.  Very simply they express the feeling that you are trying to achieve.  Cheating I know, by giving the viewer the answer, but very effective.
Here are some uses I have found lately. 

Opus: an artistic or creative expression, especially that of a music composition. 

Do you find my opus in the photo?


A bit o' green.

As a nod to my Lucky-To-Be, I am put a dash of green in the wedding.  I teased my maids by telling them they were going to be wearing green dresses.  I wouldn't want that torture imposed on me, so instead I gave them the gift of grey dresses.  I think they are all going to look amazing. 

This little collection of frames are from one of my favorites, TJ Maxx.  As a single, a cute frame is just that, cute.  But as a plural, oh how the collection sings.  Kinda like Shannon and I.  Better together.   


Engagement in Brookside.

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Found this at Brookside Garage Sale.  All cities have their Brookside.  In Wichita, my home town, it is College Hill or Riverside.   Everyone in Kansas City seems to love the architecture and feeling of Brookside.   Classic, timeless, relaxed and beautiful.   So this heater cover came from one of those old homes.  I own a piece of Brookside in my heart.  It's on those streets that Shannon asked me to be his Mrs..  So now I have a piece of Brookside in my home.  Maybe someday, I will own a bigger piece.  One I can sleep in.


Bangin' Bling.

Katie gave me this to add to my amazing collection.  Katie talks to me about all the varieties of roses all the time.  She found me a "New Vintage Glory."  What a beauty!

Just a minute of Pretty. Enjoy.

Borrowed these from the neighbor.  It's just like a cup of sugar...no one pays that back right?


T 2 T.

Thrift to Treasure.   You know me.  I find lots of furniture at thrift stores.  I am quite proud of some of my finds.  I wanted to share some recent ones with you.  The chair with the pillow is an amazing find.  Modern, great condition, cheap.  How much you say?  $25.  Yessssss.

The wooden chair I recovered with a fabric I enjoy. 

I dislike matchy matchy furniture.    I like homes to look like they have lived a little.  I don't like them to look like they were ordered from a catalog.    Maybe someday when I hit the lotto, I may just change my opinion on that. 

Looking now for a fun chair for a photo session.  I'll keep you posted.

I have a bad memory.

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I thought of a cool way to help you remember all the amazing days in your life.  I bought a big ol' jar at Hobby Lobby as well as some river rocks.  Make sure to get rocks big enough to write on.  Grab a sharpie and that's it!  The memories I have recorded to date are our snowy engagement day, Shannon's first marathon, Valentine's Dinner 2010 at Osteria el Centro, and Shannon's second marathon.  It's a cool, easy way to remember.  I have also started tossing wine corks in the jar too. 

Cheap.  Easy.  Unforgettable.



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I recieved an amazing gift in the mail today.  My future Mother In Law, Sher, sent me many, and special, brooches to help with my bouquet.  In my search for these brooches, I know now how time consuming it is to find them. I know my future Father in Law, Greg, put in time finding them too.  He is a thrift-y shopper like me.

I am so grateful.  For the pins and for Shannon's great family.

Sher gave me one that she used to wear.  Shannon DID used to have hair. 


Ivory. Not White.

So I have decided not to let anyone, and I mean anyone, see my dress before the wedding. I am probably building the excitement bigger than the moment, but ok. I found my dress very easily. I went into Nolte's Dress Shop here in Kansas City and fantastically enough all their dresses were 50% off. That is like the sound of harps when entering heaven to me. I looked through all the beautiful gowns, then asked the saleswoman if she had any short dresses...."Just one." Perfect. It was waiting for me. Ivory. My size. Cocktail length. That's all the information that you will get. Sorry maids, hope you understand.

Here is a little diddy I found. Pure vintage. $4. Ivory. My size. Perfect.


Happy St. Pats!

This is one of my favorite days of the year. Its all about Kansas City and friends. (Wish my Wichita friends could experience it one of these days!)

Here is another "collection" I have started working on...Milk Glass. I love the bright white and all the different designs milk glass holds...I am sure many of my pieces aren't true milk glass as they cost me 98 cents! Real Milk Glass, so I am told and I see at antique stores, is very expensive because as the years go by, of course it is in lower supply as it is duh, glass.

I am probably using these vases in the wedding as my centerpieces. I didnt want all the centerpieces the same. And I also wanted them simple. I think my choice fits perfect...now I just have to decide what will live in them. The flowers in them now are just tryouts. Suggestions?

Luck of the Irish to you. Every day of the year.


Ok. Not vintage, but rediculously sweet.

I found these cute pink flats in a thrift store. I dont normally look at the apparel, but when walking by, they caught my eye. They are richly pink, brand new, and my size. It's like winning the lottery (ok, a small-not-gonna-make-me-rich lottery) when I find something cool like this. They look as beautiful as a treat from Cupcake a la Mode . So nice to look at, you dont want to indulge.

By the way, you will probably be savoring a french toast or a raspberry lemonade cup cake on my big day. Ummm...so good.



So my newest pursuit is to clean the city out of {scout} vintage brooches and earrings. I came across an amazing idea for a BROOCH BOUQUET. When I first discovered the idea and the amazing photographs of these creations....I thought, this is so me, and so easy to accomplish. Wow was I wrong.

I started at an antique shop. That's where I almost stopped too. {scout} Vintage brooches and jewelry is crazy expensive-anywhere from $10 t0 $30. The original idea stated you need 50-70 pieces to make a substantial bouquet. You can do the math. So I went to my old standby...thrift and resale stores.

So, I have started my collection. I would love for your help and support with my undertaking! I would LOVE for you to be in the search for any beautiful, old or new, brooches or sets of earrings. Really it just has to have a back on it so that I may attach a wire and make it a "flower."

Don't spend to much-seriously! It's almost like a game to me to see how cheap I can find them! Look in your jewelry box (I found some!), thrift stores, garage sales, or dollar stores. I would love to make you a part of this heirloom that I am creating.

I wanted to share these earrings...You might be able to tell from the price tag that I paid 5ish dollars for these beauties. I might put them in the bouquet. Or they might be on my ears on the big day. I loove them. With 2 o's.

Thanks for helping me with something special. I look forward to seeing what you find. The first thanks goes to Teressa. She found me a beauty.

PS. the first one is a pin my mom gave me, that she had. That is Justine, Richard and me (the baby)....my sister and brother.

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